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  • Abigail Dennehy
    Abigail Dennehy19 საათის წინ

    Emma in Ireland is a vibe

  • Luca K
    Luca Kდღის წინ

    HER HAIR went from black to light brown to dirty blond to jojo siwa blond.

  • Rose Anne
    Rose Anne3 დღის წინ

    Why am I so happy that I stood where Emma stood

  • Neha M
    Neha M4 დღის წინ

    yes Emma in Paris it should be called

  • Bisma Shoaib
    Bisma Shoaib4 დღის წინ

    who took your instagram pictures

  • bindya thomas
    bindya thomas4 დღის წინ

    I’m like watching this video for the 100th time and still not bored

  • Reauna
    Reauna5 დღის წინ

    not me using this video as a example in my essay about the fashion industry advetizing to teens

  • Soukaina


    3 დღის წინ

    How it went lmao ;)

  • Delena& Klaroline
    Delena& Klaroline6 დღის წინ

    I LITERALLY LOVE ur “going on a trip by myself” videos😂 Now I want to go on a trip by myself

  • Lucy Doyle
    Lucy Doyle7 დღის წინ

    Anyone notice the trousers she tried on in the Louis Vitton shop are the same as Ethans coachella pants

  • icky bananas
    icky bananas8 დღის წინ

    I live in France and I approve Emma’s message of the granola being really good

  • ElLa DuCk
    ElLa DuCk8 დღის წინ

    This was only a year ago and damn our queen has evolved as a bad bitch during quarantine.

  • Tina Anton
    Tina Anton10 დღის წინ

    I am French and that was soo funny👺

  • MariaLuce Speziali
    MariaLuce Speziali12 დღის წინ

    bro i swear seeing her going out and about without the mask looks weird...2020 cheeeeck

  • Sama_ Shvaa
    Sama_ Shvaa12 დღის წინ

    Cycling class?

  • Lucy Jean
    Lucy Jean13 დღის წინ

    It’s so weird to see people out and about without masks

  • JJJB 3689
    JJJB 368913 დღის წინ

    Its funny how you said that and they brought out a show called Emily In Paris on Netflix who works for a fashion company...makes Emma face😗

  • cerys anderson
    cerys anderson16 დღის წინ

    All her Irish fans be like

  • Wen
    Wen18 დღის წინ

    15:31 emma looking like a minecraft character

  • Bangtan Kookie
    Bangtan Kookie18 დღის წინ

    That dress was cute

  • Del Luna
    Del Luna18 დღის წინ

    omg young emma HDHDHSHSH SO CUTE😭❤️

  • Gen Duave
    Gen Duave20 დღის წინ

    The sound of 14:30 something are like in the Among Us ahahahahah

  • AGD Styles
    AGD Styles23 დღის წინ

    what do you use to edit ur vids?

  • Itz_iisimplyAlexa
    Itz_iisimplyAlexa26 დღის წინ

    ok but why am I still craving that coffee she drank in Paris to this year... is it just me or.

  • ana clara fontes
    ana clara fontes27 დღის წინ

    how do u make a fitting?? like u just go there and be like hi im goinh to pfw could u see what clothes suite me better? thanks

  • Vihaan Manglani
    Vihaan Manglani27 დღის წინ

    Emma: is a literal icon in fashion and is attending a prestigious fashion Also emma: wHy'S tHe MiNt hErE sO gOoD i cAnT-

  • Jean Naisara
    Jean Naisara29 დღის წინ

    Uhm are eggs vegetarian?

  • Lina Vachovski
    Lina Vachovskiთვის წინ

    Which Hotel is this?

  • Milan Gramata-Massey
    Milan Gramata-Masseyთვის წინ

    omg i just realize how short youre

  • cindy harrison
    cindy harrisonთვის წინ

    Emma I need your help!! My daughter is a young professional model who is inspired by your style and the ability to be yourself no matter what. She continues to allow herself to be her weird quirky self even when people in the industry require her to be the same as everyone else. She did a video copying your Instagram for a week and I think she did pretty good. Emma if you could watch and give an honest opinion on it. Your critique would inspire her to keep going in an industry that isn’t easy on the heart. Please help Emma see this, let’s fill this world with dreams coming true. 🙏🏼 gecold.info/down/oImd0oPLgMSola0/video.html

  • Demi Síminardóttir Hansen
    Demi Síminardóttir Hansenთვის წინ

    Remember how she Said she wouldn’t shop because she’s responsible

  • Emily Sauve
    Emily Sauveთვის წინ

    Not even joking I clicked this then an add for skincare came up and emma was in it and I just sat here like 😶

  • sylvia harris
    sylvia harrisთვის წინ

    shut up ass hole

  • Megan
    Meganთვის წინ

    omg I love u

  • Megan
    Meganთვის წინ

    the fact that Emma was not alive in 1999 but said since 99 AAHHAHA

  • Jenny Horan
    Jenny Horanთვის წინ

    Hey emma I'm from Ireland if your Irish you will only understand the sentence Dia duit

  • Zara Bonnasse
    Zara Bonnasseთვის წინ

    Me watching this then hearing my frickin name while she was trying on the turtle neck. Ps my name really is Zara

  • Alyssa Aguirre
    Alyssa Aguirreთვის წინ

    Omg ive been to all those places ya know we twins now sista😚

  • cwc
    cwcთვის წინ

    I just realized im in this video... behind ze fans

  • Esther Royal-Priest
    Esther Royal-Priestთვის წინ

    Being like sent to paris by lv but wearing mens underwear????? 2020 anyone

  • Elle Robinson
    Elle Robinsonთვის წინ


  • Riley Alexis
    Riley Alexisთვის წინ

    Emma: it’s kinda been fun being a girly girl for 24 hours Also Emma: *yes I am wearing men’s briefs*

  • Geø
    Geøთვის წინ

    Is anyone here on September 2020

  • Gene Cabang
    Gene Cabangთვის წინ

    Did she sat with ITZY IN THE paris fashion week, because i saw it in the vlog of M2

  • Ava Mae YT
    Ava Mae YTთვის წინ

    Emma is actually GORGEOUS!! I really hope she knows that tho because it’s more than true 🤍🤍 luv u em!

  • a dumb kpop stan
    a dumb kpop stanთვის წინ

    When her hair was done she looked so professional.

  • Jaxon Zachary
    Jaxon Zacharyთვის წინ

    Went to Paris, stayed inside the hotel room.

  • Caroline Harris
    Caroline Harrisთვის წინ

    No offence but thank you for not cutting your hair

  • Kim marie
    Kim marieთვის წინ

    lmao I just got an add from Emma for bliss 😂

  • vsp.sophie
    vsp.sophieთვის წინ

    Not me rewatching this video 24/7

  • Lucja Trubecka
    Lucja Trubeckaთვის წინ

    I love the way she says she doesn’t like eggs but in every video she orders hard boiled eggs😂😂💖

  • ava desouza
    ava desouzaთვის წინ

    wow I got an ad Emma did with bliss while watching this

  • Bader Al Rshaid
    Bader Al Rshaidთვის წინ

    people who disliked this vid are special ed no cappp

  • Marya O
    Marya Oთვის წინ

    u were so u cute and u still

  • Lxra UwU
    Lxra UwUთვის წინ

    At 15:34 that’s not emma that’s Emily😌

  • Moonlight Mino
    Moonlight Minoთვის წინ

    When she was closing the suitcase I was like girl u overpacked *her closes it* Me: I- i- c can do it to.......... Also me: struggling to close a water bottle

  • ces
    cesთვის წინ

    i got an ad of you before this lol

  • Jasmine Puri
    Jasmine Puriთვის წინ

    emmas super pretty is she would take a bath everyday

  • Louisa Rose
    Louisa Roseთვის წინ

    I love how confident she is to show us her real skin without makeup and Messy hair. This is the reason I love her. PS:remember your beautiful ❤❤

  • katalina Jaramillo
    katalina Jaramilloთვის წინ

    why does she looks so ugly at first tho

  • Carolyn Shakshi

    Carolyn Shakshi

    თვის წინ

    shes not a mirror katalina

  • Amelia b

    Amelia b

    თვის წინ

    dont say that

  • Ruth Warren
    Ruth Warrenთვის წინ

    Do you reckon she didn't film after the show because she was on a hype and just partied all night and didn't have time to film..

  • Katy
    Katyთვის წინ

    anybody else think she was WALKING in the show for the whole video until the end?!?!? hahah but actually so sweet of them to bring you, looked like you had fun!!! :)

  • Josefa Infante
    Josefa Infanteთვის წინ


  • Andre whoever
    Andre whoeverთვის წინ

    Emma who took them pictures??

  • Afreen A
    Afreen Aთვის წინ

    When Emma said "who are you filming?" Made me fall off my bed from laughing 🤣

  • Janiya Warrell
    Janiya Warrellთვის წინ

    pov:your in 2020 and your rewatching emma's videos

  • katja tomicic
    katja tomicicთვის წინ

    3:50 sounds like the netflix intro lmao

  • Hamda AlAttar
    Hamda AlAttarთვის წინ

    Can you make a video where you compare you’re visit to Paris from the first until the last and see how you evolve or change ? Maybe ? ☺️

  • Kieran Sullivan
    Kieran Sullivanთვის წინ

    I got an add that had Emma in it before the video lol

  • Maia Knotts
    Maia Knottsთვის წინ

    she went from dote to paris fashion week. queen.

  • Illxsiøn
    Illxsiønთვის წინ

    You should do a collab with Niki & Gabi

  • Mia Blesky
    Mia Bleskyთვის წინ

    Just found this channel, I swear she's just everyone's spirit animal

  • Kashaf Rafi
    Kashaf Rafiთვის წინ

    I can undoubtedly say that those were the longest 19 minutes of my life

  • Kk M
    Kk Mთვის წინ

    0:36 i only went to europe oNe TiMe

  • Ishwari Suryawanshi
    Ishwari Suryawanshiთვის წინ

    gecold.info/down/Zo96vIiTZNPapqU/video.html help me reach 1k please

  • Sydnee Thompson
    Sydnee Thompsonთვის წინ

    You should shut up and ceep your hair the way it is

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  • Brooke larusso
    Brooke larussoთვის წინ

    As I clicked on this video an add of Emma came up lmao

  • Hayley Seeley
    Hayley Seeleyთვის წინ

    Does anyone know the colour of the jeans she got from closed denim? The blue ones

  • Bonnie Mcmahon
    Bonnie Mcmahonთვის წინ

    I French

  • Phoenix Augurey
    Phoenix Augureyთვის წინ

    Shout out to all the other Irish people who cringed when she said (and when other American's say) Ireland lol

  • Naz Saral
    Naz Saralთვის წინ

    Lower down the coffee addiction

  • RenderrXr
    RenderrXrთვის წინ

    *casually says”we’re going to go see the Eiffel Tower”* Me:what the i- imagine moving to LA and being Caucasian at 15...

  • elysa kate
    elysa kateთვის წინ

    ✨“when you walk in..you walk in” ✨-emma chamberlain

  • Paige Thwaite
    Paige Thwaiteთვის წინ

    Such an inspiration

  • Lucy Skelton
    Lucy Skeltonთვის წინ

    me: watches emma’s vid emma: YOU NEED TO SEE MORE OF ME!! AD WITH ME IN IT!!

  • ElleBelle
    ElleBelleთვის წინ

    "I can't believe I was on a plane for 11 hours" "But I slept for 8 tho" "And the other two hours I just watched a movie" *8+2=11 now*

  • Hikuy
    Hikuyთვის წინ

    i got an ad with emma on it while watching this

  • Charlotte Devaux
    Charlotte Devauxთვის წინ

    Emma * struggling closing her suitcase* Also Emma *let me do a haul of what I bought today*

  • Olga Flores
    Olga Floresთვის წინ


  • Mary Leggett
    Mary Leggettთვის წინ

    I want to know how you got all of the new clothes back home since you could barely close your suitcase to begin with 😂

  • Shems Alshimary
    Shems Alshimaryთვის წინ

    She is the most prettiest girl ever.and that’s on factz

  • Shems Alshimary
    Shems Alshimaryთვის წინ

    I got a Emma chamberlain add while watching this

  • Shems Alshimary
    Shems Alshimaryთვის წინ

    I can’t how she fit this much info in 19 mins

  • Alia Bhalli
    Alia Bhalliთვის წინ

    Emma u should make a channel where its just about cofee

  • Nada Boli
    Nada Boliთვის წინ


  • Ella Davies Bell
    Ella Davies Bell2 თვის წინ

    why does she look exactly like maddie ziegler with her full glam?!

  • Rebecca Ontario
    Rebecca Ontario2 თვის წინ

    Benefits of being privileged😍😍🙆😘😘

  • mckayla vines
    mckayla vines2 თვის წინ

    femme means womens/female and homme means mens/man remember that if you ever go to france :>

  • Summer Fenwick
    Summer Fenwick2 თვის წინ

    “Hits door on camera” oh my god ow

  • Summer Fenwick
    Summer Fenwick2 თვის წინ

    “Is the French toilet the same as the American toilet?”